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 All that was missing was the outfit and the accent but Sherlock Holmes style therapy saved the patient!

60+ y/o male being treated for cervical spondylosis and doing well.  Progressed to conditioning exercises on bicycle but noticed that after 3 minutes he complained of tiredness. Several questions later he stated that he used to walk a lot but finds he had been unable to do so lately.  His medical history showed that he used statins, Further probing revealed that he had not had a full medical check-up in over a year, therefore, it was suggested that he return to his GP for a check-up and review of his medications.  Two weeks later he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and sent for treatment.  Six months after his diagnosis he is walking more than half mile 3 times/week.  He continues on his cancer treatment and is doing well. 

Don’t Let the Crutches Fool you!

50+ y/o female enters clinic with axillary crutches and an unstable gait. Client had arthroscopy to right knee and ligamentous strain on left ankle.  Evaluation done but client’s inability to use crutches properly and sit/stand weakness was initially considered to be a result of her pain and weakness in both lower legs. Systems review did not raise a red flag but there were still questions.  Therapy to address her diagnosis was started and she was progressing well. However, her gait pattern continued to be bothersome, even with a walkerette.  Systems review with emphasis on the neurological component revealed increased tendon reflexes which raised a red flag.  Patient was sent back to Orthopedic doctor informing him of the concerns but the concerns were not addressed.  Consequently, a call was made to the doctor who asked that the patient be sent back for review.  The client was then sent to the Neurologist who referred her to the Neurosurgeon because MRI showed two dark shadows at the base of her brain.  Patient went abroad for further tests Her therapy was continued in the U.S. and she returned six months later to continue her therapy at PTA.  She was eventually discharged walking independently with a straight cane.

There must be another reason for all that pain!

30 + y/o male sent by his company doctor with a diagnosis of lower back pain due to muscle spasm.   Day 1 evaluation done and therapy started.  Client tolerated treatment well. Pain level 9/10 prior to therapy 8/10 after.  Day 2 9/10 before and after therapy; Day 3 10/10.  Therapy stopped and a call was made to the doctor requesting that an X-Ray/MRI be done.  Findings revealed Multiple Myeloma very early stage.  This occurred around 2003.  Client has had treatment, is married and has a beautiful family.



Over the years I have been referred to this facility on and off for physical therapy.  The outdoor ambiance is so refreshing and represents stage one of your rehabilitation.  The staff is highly professional and patient.  They take their time to explain and make sure you are doing your exercises correctly. 
                                               - Alice Gonzales Thomas

Dr.Terry Romero and her team of highly professional therapists and support staff are absolutely amazing. On March 2nd 2018, I started therapy at Physical Therapy Associates, post-surgery for a torn Achilles tendon (ouch!)   Unable to walk without crutches and anxiously wondering if I would be able to walk normally again, the team of Ms. Kassika Johnson and Oriana Blackwood were both reassuring and supportive in helping me; not only to walk normally but to run!!! The emotional intelligence, warmth and friendly approach demonstrated by the team, in an environment conducive to healing, truly helped in my speedy recovery. Thank you for pushing me beyond my pain to a place of absolute healing and comfort.
                                            - Brent Spencer

I have been a client of Physical Therapy Associates for months now, after being recommended by a friend and being referred by my doctor.  My friends and family can see the vast improvement I have made after taking the physiotherapy sessions. I thank Dr. Terry Romero and her therapists who have played a major part in my rehabilitation.  I am grateful for their patience and understanding of my needs. Thanks to Almighty God for the gift of mobility again that after a second hip replacement surgery performed in 2018 by Dr. Marlon Mencia, Orthopaedic Surgeon, I can now walk without the aid of a walker or walking stick

                                        - Client

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