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Physical Therapy Associates commenced business as a sole proprietorship in 1992 at 6, Orange Grove Road, Trincity which is located in the East of Trinidad & Tobago. In 2006 Physical Therapy Associates was incorporated as a limited liability company under the Companies Act of Trinidad and Tobago.

Under the management of Dr. Terry Romero and Dr. Leon Romero, Physical therapy Associates has grown from a clinic where Dr. Romero was the sole provider of therapeutic services to a staff of two highly trained therapists and two administrative assistants; and continues to expand.  As a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist, Dr. Terry Romero has also provided training to many companies in Trinidad & Tobago and as far as China.

Orthopaedic, Neurological and Musculoskeletal complaints as well as any disease entity which affect the ability of our clients to attend to normal activities of daily living are addressed; in a manner that is compassionate, caring and highly professional.    We see and treat the whole person rather than a body part. Therefore, by keeping the sights and sounds of our tropical space intact, the environment at PTA promotes a feeling of total well-being.

A wellness model formulated by Dr. Romero in 2015 incorporates diagnosis of movement dysfunction and sets the foundation in providing a comprehensive treatment program to clients attending Physical Therapy Associates.  Additionally, Dr. Leon Romero, PT, DSc., OCS, ECS provides ongoing input as it relates to research updates and best practice approaches therapy

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To provide the highest quality care evidence-based rehabilitative programs to our clients of all ages in an environment which is sensitive to their physical, mental, dietary and functional needs.  This environment must at all times be harmonious, caring, informative and professional.


The transformation of PTA from a place of rehabilitation to a space of Wellness; where rehabilitation is interwoven into the fabric of The Principles of Healthy Living. This concept brings information to the community, and by extension Trinidad & Tobago, that there is a place where chronic diseases are addressed in such a way that they can be prevented and/or treated; and the knowledge that increased activity with age is attainable. Physical Therapy Associates becomes the Foundation of Wellness Centers.

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